Vila Medeiros


Project Vila Medeiros  started on October 2009, and it is the second project located in the city of São Paulo.  Since we started working with children in São Paulo the quality and excellence of the service Star of Hope offers was recognized not only by the local government but specially for the families and the community where the project is located.

The project daily attends 500 children with 5 meals, clean clothes, diapers, a lot of fun time and much, much love!

Star of Hope Brazil has in this project, 68 staffs aiming to promote a good overall health among the children, to increase their personal hygiene, to improve their knowledge, to stimulate them to treat better themselves and others, and etc.

 Some of the activities developed at the project:

  • To provide food: All the children are provided with 5 meals a day, prepared in the kitchen of the project according to a medical nutrition menu
  • To provide lessons in personal hygiene: teach the children how to take care of their personal hygiene (how to take a bath, brush the teeth, the ears, etc.)
  • To provide reading and writing activities: All children participate in different activities, indoor and outdoor, related to reading and writing, and also activities involving sports and music
  • To offer Christian value lessons: All the children are taught about the importance and value of the family, about relationship, how to treat your neighbor, and etc.

The project also promotes different kind of events involving the families and the community, in order to develop and stimulate the progress of that community which lives in the poverty and criminality.

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