Project Ingrid


This project is being built since July 2008, and it is getting its final steps to inaugurate the first part of the project, hopefully as soon as possible. It is located in a very poor area of São Vicente, it is a very important city, because it was the first village in Brazil, a very well known historical city, therefore this project will be very well seen in all the aspects and the main one is that the local community who lives a life of poverty, early pregnancy, children addicted to drugs, and many other social problems will be assisted by this project.

Total number of beneficiaries of the project:

1100 children and the community

Employees working directly within the project (category, extent, number):

  • 1 engineer
  • 1 building coordinator
  • 15 workers

             TOTAL: 17

Overall aim

The project`s aim is to provide a full-time education for the children between 0-6 years old and also a soccer school for children and teenager between 7 and 13 years old, whose parents do not enough financial resources and live and the poor area of the village, allowing the parents to work, teaching them, good values of behavior keeping the children out of the streets.  

Specific aims

  • To promote a good overall health among the children
  • To increase the personal hygiene of the children
  • To improve the children`s knowledge
  • To stimulate the children to treat better themselves and other
  • To provide soccer lessons


  • To provide food: All the children are provided with 5 meals a day, prepared in the kitchen of the project according to a medical nutrition menu
  • To provide lessons in personal hygiene: teach the children how to take care of their personal hygiene (how to take a bath, brush the teeth, the ears, etc.)
  • To provide reading and writing activities: All children participate in different activities, indoor and outdoor, related to reading and writing, and also activities involving sports and music
  • To offer Christian value lessons: All the children are taught about the importance and value of the family, about relationship, how to treat your neighbor, and etc.
  • To promote monthly events: To involve the families and the community, in order to develop and stimulate the progress of that community which lives in the poverty and criminality.

To provide soccer lessons: The project has two soccer fields and will provide soccer lessons, every afternoon for about 600 children and teenager between 7 and 13 years old.


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